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Congratulations on Spring Day to women's team of the European Economic Chamber were offered by distinguished public figures of Ukraine and abroad

On the eve of the International Women's Day the European Economic Chamber in Ukraine received a huge number of greeting cards, souvenirs and other gifts from Chamber’s partners and members, representatives of government and business circles of Ukraine and abroad.


On behalf of the European Economic Chamber in Ukraine we tender our gratefulness for all the warm and sincere words and gifts in which there were rendered symbols and signs of high respect for women for their caring hearts, work, and all the rest beautiful things that they do for their children and families, native land, and the whole Ukrainian state.


On the eve of March 8, Mrs. Anna Solomatina, Head of the department on bankruptcy of the General Office of Justice in the Kiev region came to congratulate on Spring Day a women's team of the Chamber too. During ensuing business negotiations with Mrs. Viktoriia Lisnycha, Vice - President of the European Economic Chamber, Mrs. Solomatina has noted that as of today a clear policy on business entities assistance is developed, conditions and procedure for restoring the solvency of enterprises by means of finding new investors, introducing new technologies and etc. are established.




In turn, Mrs. Victoriia Lisnycha stated that the European Economic Chamber bargains for cooperation in this matter and will assist in attracting international experience of its partners providing all necessary information on the application of effective foreign methods exclusively on the identification of opportunities for financial recovery of Ukrainian enterprises.


 At the end of the conversation, Mrs. Viktoriia Lisnycha congratulated Mrs. Anna Solomatina on her accession to the management structure of the Chamber granting Mrs Solomatina with a position of a Head of the Committee on Banking, Finance and Insurance at EEIG in Ukraine. Mrs. Anna is experienced in managing department on finance, accounting and reporting of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, thus her experience will be a valuable addition to the program of practical cooperation and partnership of 50 representative offices of the European Economic Chamber with its members, partners, other governmental authorities, diplomatic and business circles.


It is important to note that among the Guests of Honour of the Chamber, who also came to congratulate on the eve of Women's Day, March 8, were well-known Ukrainian masters of art: Mr. Mykola Znoba, an outstanding Ukrainian sculptor, an author of many monuments in Ukraine and 18 countries around the world, Mr. Daniel Green, an outstanding Ukrainian artist.





A dialogue with the Ukrainian artists, masters of word and image marked the beginning of the implementation of the European Economic Chamber’s plans to build a Monument of Glory of Sacred Hundred in Kyiv region, which would perpetuate the memory of the heroes who gave a promise for bright new dawn of Ukraine. Possible locations for the monument: the Independence Square, the Park of Glory, the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Pirogovo.


Mr. Mykola Znoba and Mr. Daniel Green are artists of international level. Art-and-craftiness of their works, mastership of embodiment of images into sculptures - it's not the complete list that can describe a high level of works of these men of art whose participation in global international projects raises the prestige of our country on the world stage.

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