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Meeting of the Members of the Board of Directors and IV Presidential Conference of the European Economic Chamber EEIG


On the 6-7th of June 2014 Brussels hosted a Meeting of the Board of Directors and the 4th EEIG Presidential Conference.


The meeting was determined by the necessity of summarizing the results of actions and work undertaken during past years (next year the Chamber will celebrate its 30th anniversary) and indentifying promising new lines and programs of the Chamber, which strengthen trade, economic and cultural commonwealth of 55 countries-members of the Chamber, and give a new meaning to their business relationship.


The above mentioned event coincided with opening of a new EEIG Headquarters office in Brussels and approval of a new candidacy to the post of the President of the European Economic Chamber, a famous statesperson of Europe Mrs. Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga. 



Background information: Professor Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga – former President of Republic of Latvia (1999-2007 years). She is currently Special Envoy of the UN General Secretary, Vice-Chairman of the Expert Group on the long-term future of the European Union, Co-Chairman of the International Council of the International Center named after Mr. Nizami Gianzhevi, President of the Club de Madrid.




The conference was attended by the Presidents and Vice-presidents of 48 out of 55 countries where there are representative offices of the international organization EEIG, as well as honorary representatives of the government of Belgium in Brussels and the EU.




Welcoming speeches at the conference were delivered by the members of the Board of Directors: Dr Kerim Aliriza, CEO of EEIG, Mr. Nizami Piriyev, President of EEIG in Azerbaijan, and Mr. Stanislav Grygorskyi, President of EEIG in Ukraine. 



Owing to effective leadership of Prof. Heinz Vejpustek, former President of the Chamber, as of today EEIG is known worldwide in the following way:


  • Representative offices have been opened in more than 50 countries worldwide;
  • Chamber’s members are actively engaged in businesses on all continents of the globe;
  • It has become a tradition to hold annual business forums and Presidential Conferences;
  • A number of companies seeking for cooperation with the Chamber are constantly increasing.

We strongly believe that under the leadership of Mrs. Vike-Freiberga the Chamber will continue to develop and operate successfully, integrate and expand its network of business circles in Europe and other countries, facilitate to integration of Europe that appears to be the main objective of the mission of the European Economic Chamber EEIG.


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