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November 5, 2014under auspices of theEuropean Economic Chambera roundtable discussion on “Crisis in Ukraine : Sources of origin and ways-out”had been held. Within a theme of the meeting the participants were offered to  discuss the issue of energy security of Ukraine: changingthe system of energy supply, alternative energy sources, the development of innovation in the energy sector of Ukraine and the world.


Co-organizers of the event:

  • Institute of Evolutionary Economics 
  • European Economic Chamber (EEIG) in Ukraine


The participants of the fourth roundtable discussion – leading analysts and experts of international level: Igor Makarenko (Institute for Evolutionary Economics), Ivan Plachkov (Former Minister of Energy of Ukraine, Chairman of the Board "Kyivenergo"), Alexander Minin (National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine), Vasiliy Stolyarov (Honoured Worker of Science and technology in Ukraine), Jaroslav Zhalilo (Institute of Economics and Forecasting of NAS in Ukraine), Vyacheslav Solovyov (G. M. Dobrov Center for Scientific and Technological Potential and Science History Studies), Yuri Schyrin (Agency of Industrial marketing), Artem Petrenko (Ukrainian Institute for policy), representatives of the executive authorities andpublic organisations. The European Economic Chamber(EEIG)was represented by Olena Grygorska , Headof the Supervisory Board EEIG in Ukraine andIvan Buntov,Director of International Cooperation Department.


During the discussion, participants of the roundtable expressed their expert opinions on the following matters:  


1. Will "energy world mapbe in the nearest future changed"? New challenges and trends.

2. Problems of Ukraine in the field of energy security and ways to overcome them. What are the real possibilities of alternative energy sources in Ukraine, own and imported?

3. How much financial resources needed to modernize the national economy in order to increase energy efficiency and strengthening the independence of the national economy on imported energy?

4. How will the war in eastern Ukraine affect the energy sectorreforming?

5. What are the real periodof going Russian energy bondage off? On what measures must the Ukrainian government concentrate its first efforts?

6. What is the experience of energy saving technologies in other countries? Whatis the payback period, if there is a risk of being dependent on suppliers of such technologies and alternative energy sources?


 According to the followingroundtablediscussion,press conferenceandformation of analytical and expert proposals for the central officeof the Ukrainian governmentare planned.

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