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December 3 in Kyiv in BC "Parus" will be held first interactive conference «Office Camp # 1 - management office" to enhance the effectiveness of the office and create a comfortable working environment for employees.
"No one is irreplaceable" - says a popular proverb, but let any office of the company will try to spend at least a day without the invisible hand of the administrative director or office manager.
   Our office tried ... And in the end we decided to hold Office Camp # 1, on the one hand, to thank our administrators for work, though invisible to the general flow of the company's affairs, it is extremely important, but on the other hand - to create a platform that brings together the administrative managers, office managers and professionals of Office Management.
     In one day, presenters and participants will share their experiences, zavedut new business relationships, to communicate on professional topics, receive current information on updates to the market "first hand" and, of course, be prepared for coming to the efforts of the New Year.
What are we going to talk to OfficeCamp # 1:
Corporate Travel Management: how to easily organize business trips;
The secrets of successful corporate organization of business events for employees and clients;
How to plan and organize office jobs
 (Office equipment, office furniture, interior design and office);
Outsourcing services for the office: tips practitioners;
Practical solutions for managing the affairs of the office;
Office of Administrative Service: Organization and optimization;
What is more profitable: a fleet of vehicles or service car rental?
How to make it in time and unnoticed
10 speakers: experts in the management office, administrative directors of large companies, practitioners with years of experience.
The conference will be accompanied by an exhibition «Office Space», which will showcase companies that specialize in practical solutions to administrative control.
 Also, we will release «Office Camp Catalogue» - a unique directory for the administrative management with useful tips from the experts of the market, information on the leading companies and new products.
Conference participants will include: administrative director and office managers, as well as those who make decisions regarding the administration of the office.

Date and Time - December 3, 2011, 10:00 - 18:00
Location: The business center "Sail" (Kyiv. Mechnikov 2a)

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