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iSales Camp 2011
iSales Camp 2011

December 3, Kiev will iSales Camp 2011 - Interactive conference to increase sales through the Internet tools for more than 200 representatives of small and medium-sized businesses from all over Ukraine.
  Key employees of companies that have successfully sold using the web-based tools, will talk about their triumphs and mistakes, share experiences and discuss trends in sales over the Internet.
For what?
During the conference participants:
become familiar with successful case studies of companies that sell via the internet;
receive advice on the most relevant to their business sales tools;
find more practical tools for effective promotion, raising awareness, B2C/B2B sales and development of loyal customers;
learn secrets to stimulate sales through contextual advertising, targeted advertising, technology and personal focus, tracking technology, and many other results;
will establish a set of useful links, to meet interesting and successful people as to the reports, and during coffee breaks and buffets.

For who?
iSales Camp is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine: the owners and directors, managers and staff of marketing, advertising and PR, as well as experts in the field of Internet promotion.
The Conference will bring together those who have experience in sales and promotion via the Internet to those who are just starting or wants to improve performance in this area.
12 speakers: Experts Sales, Director of Marketing and Sales-known companies, practitioners with years of experience.

Format of reports: 20/10 - 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for questions from participants.
The conference will be in the format "business - business." Act will be representatives of companies that have active cases of sales via the Internet, sharing experience, knowledge, and, above all, the results effectively.

About what?
Questions to which answers you get:
What sales tools on the Internet more efficient?
How to attract customers for small and medium businesses over the Internet?
What foods should sell on the Internet?
How to use the "cloud" systems for sale on the internet?
Why do we need a system of accounting clients in sales over the Internet?
What are the trends in the market for Internet sales?
What are the secrets to making selling texts for Internet audiences.
As site usability affect sales?
How to optimize your site to increase conversions and sales?
How to improve sales performance?
How to monitor, measure and analyze sales performance?
Examples of successful case studies to promote social networking.
How creatively and comprehensively promote the company on the Internet?

And you'll learn about sales B2B/B2C online, selling on blogs / sites / forums, affiliate sales, payment systems in Internet ticket sales, coupon codes via the web. To learn how to write emails, how to effectively use customer base and share deals with maximum impact and more.
Get information "first hand" from the leading experts of Ukraine in online advertising and web sites (you can get to know them personally and ask questions).
Consultation sessions with experts and representatives of consulting companies will be held throughout the day.

We are waiting for you December 3, 2011 in the business center « Parus»(St. Mechnikov 2a)



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