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Міжнародний форум інвестицій та інновацій 2013



International Investment and Innovation Forum




Business VIP Format of the event


 Ukraine has great economic and intellectual potential. The country has registered more than 10,000 patents for industrial designs that require realization and funding today.

 Unfortunately, the investment attractiveness of Ukraine is not sufficient enough to develop this process. In order to change this situation, European Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry will hold anInternational Investment and Innovation Forum. The event, which is unique for Ukraine, will take place in May, 15-17, 2013 in Kyiv

 The Forum focuses mainly on the presentation of projects in the sphere of innovations to national and foreign business communities, exchange of experiences regarding financial support and realization of such projects with leading specialists and experts from all over the world and development of innovations in Ukraine.  

Preamble of the Forum

            In times of chaos and despair humanity calls for global consciousness: Ukraine is in me! The world is in me! The Universe is in me! It evokes confronting feelings when a country, a group of countries or the so-called “countries of golden billion” strive for assumed success exploiting other nations and countries in the Third Millennium. For centuries, the Earth has taught people that everything is interconnected and Love is in the unity of everything existing. There is nothing intricating: the Universe flows out of a waterdrop and the humanity starts with us. Realizing this, we open the door of our house to you because there is no sense in racing. Give rather than take.

          How do people behave at their friends’ house? They share everything: bread, salt, ideas and positive emotions. You will learn about our family tree, its roots and relations with other nations. You will enjoy sincerity and achieve real results. Material gains, detailed cooperation and unique acquaintances will accompany you for the years ahead. 

          Straightforwardness helps better than conspiracy, hypocrisy and illusion of mastering the world. The opportunities of openness are boundless!

Let us unite! 


The main organizer of the Forum

The European Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry is an important institution that ensures cooperation and exchange of experience among Ukrainian businessmen and their foreign partners. The Chamber’s mission is to provide government agencies with consultations on issues of harmonization of the Ukrainian internal market with the EU market and promotion of cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union in business.

The primary objectives of the European Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine are attraction of investments, support of potential investors and assistance in creating a positive investment image of Ukraine.


You can take part in the International Investment and Innovation Forum as a participant, speaker, investor or author of an innovation project. 

Next events will take place during the Forum:

• speeches of the competent speakers, representing Ukrainian ministries and institutions, international organizations and top management of large national and foreign companies;

• two discussion panels on macroeconomic topics;

• five plenary sessions on investment in the following sectors:

o Fuel and Energy Complex

o Agriculture

o Infrastructure

o ІТ

o Education

• presentation of the best projects;

• international exhibition of innovations.


The programme of the Forum will also include:

• Exclusive rest with cocktails and concert;

• Kyiv Ball;

• Performance of Ukrainian musicians.


Participation in the Forum will provide you with the opportunity to:

1) discover the best investment projects in the main sectors of economy and find the most suitable one.

2) find potential investors and partners for your projects.

3) participate in the discussion of important issues and problems with experts, representatives of big business and politicians and receive information on trends of industry in question both in Ukraine and Europe.


Presidents and authorized representatives of the European Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry from 51 countries, about 180 representatives and directors of major European and Ukrainian companies, international organizations and diplomatic missions, politicians, statesmen and public figures will attend the Forum.

Presidents of European Chambers of the following countries have confirmed their participation in the project: the UK, Egypt, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Sudan, Serbia and Turkey. Lubomir Michele (CEO of the Kiev Caves Reserve), Vyacheslav Kurashyn ( CEO of the LLC “Hotel “Bristol”) and Andrew Velykzhanin (CEO of the “Imperiya” hotel) will also take part in the Forum.

The event will be held at the “Fairmont Grand Hotel 5*” (Naberezhno – Hreshchatyska Street, 1).

You may find out the information on the accommodation conditions at the hotel’s web-site www.fairmont.com/kyiv/.

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